SAVE THE DATE FOR THE ANNUAL MEETING! Sunday Brunch March 31, 2017 1pm

Our Speaker will be   Jay Turner, Assistant Professor in the

Environmental Studies Department at Wellesley College, and his topic is "Climate Change and the Future of Energy."

The cost is $45 for a Luncheon of Crepes from Mr. Crepe at the Nahant Life Saving Station

located at 96 Nahant Road , Nahant

RSVP to Mary Frances Milburn 508-932-3489 by March 21st.   Do Not miss out!

Professor Turner has taught in the Environmental Studies Program at Wellesley College since the fall of 2006.

His training is in environmental history and environmental studies.  He has also been active in college

sustainability initiatives, especially those pertaining to energy and climate change.

He has recently published a co-authored book titled, 

The Republican Reversal: Conservatives and the Environment from Nixon to Trump, with Drew Isenberg.  

The Republican Reversal

At a moment when environmental laws and policies are under attack, this book considers the historical

evolution of conservative opposition to environmental reform, starting with Nixon's support for core

environmental laws in the early 1970s to the culmination of the Republican reversal on the environment

with the Trump administration.  The book also makes clear the key role that environmentalists and their

allies played in deflecting previous moments of anti-environmental activism, such as at the start of the

Reagan administration.