Please join us at 1PM on December 9 at 1PM at the Salem State University Enterprise Center on Central Campus at 121 Loring Avenue, Salem to witness Professor John Volpacchio share his passion for glass blowing, and the wonders of glass with us.  He will do a variety of techniques and forms in a 1.5 hour block.   Many Thanks to our fellow member , Michelle Pierce for sponsoring this event.  The charge will be $20 per person. Please RSVP by Wednesday so we know how many will attend as up to 35 people can be seated in the studio. Call Mary Frances Milburn at 508-932-3489 or email mary@milburnattorney.comjohnglass


John Volpacchio founded Salem State University's Glassworks Studio in 2005 and securing about $500,000 in funding. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island johnartSchool of Design in 1982, and went on to complete his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Colorado. He teaches Glass Blowing and Glass Sculpture at SSU.

John, who said he considers himself "an artist first, and an educator second," noted that he teaches to have the money to allow himself to continue making art. John added that he primarily works in three dimensions and does not focus on one specific style or time period. He was inspired by styles such as modern art, to renaissance art, to Venetian glass.

"Renaissance art, the human form shows up in a lot of my work, so again, even though I may be making a mold, I'm thinking of it as a contour, or as shape that could be part of a human body," he explained. "Going and traveling all over the world was a key element to my development into an artist," he explained. Volpacchio said that when he is producing art, when he is satisfied, he is "disappointed," since he believes on should always push oneself to get better. "I have never been satisfied with mediocrity, but I have given up on perfection," said Volpacchio.